Nowadays, almost every companies have had to work at least once with a communication agency.
You assign them a task. They do it and the cooperation ends.
But who cares about your whole communication and marketing strategy?
What expert helps you to expand you business and increase your revenue?
Big companies have a marketing manager, project managers and sometimes even a whole marketing specialists team.
Small to medium companies miss that expertise and competencies, that's why I want to put my experience at their disposal.

Marketing and communication strategy

Big data, social influencers, Google SEO and AdWords, web advertising... The world is in permanent change. The companies must adapt themselves to those changes if they want to survive and thrive. But where to start? Almost every day, we hear about a new marketing or communication topic that seems to be essential for the business. My role as a marketing and communication specialist is to have a good overview of the different media and marketing possibilities, so to help you build a strategy that perfectly fits your needs and resources.

Project management

Managing a project and especially a marketing or communication project is a profession in itself. Indeed, it's hard for someone who doesn't know the different steps and needs of a project to follow it up efficiently. Web development, graphic chain, web advertising, SEO, SEA... all those are topics that require good understanding and knowledge. I offer my clients to accompany them from the strategy to the final achievement to ensure them full satisfaction.

Photo AD and stylism

In communication today, everything is about beauty. Even in the B2B sector, you need to seduce your customers with attractive pictures. But communication is also about storytelling and like in a children's picture book, pictures are a part of the story. To produce good pictures, you need a good photographer, but you also need a good concept, as well as someone that makes sure the shot pictures entirely match your brand identity and communication strategy.

Copywriting and translation

Copy-writing is primarily about the production of content. Knowing what to talk about, what concepts to put forward, choose the right words, do not say too much and above all captivate the readers are important issues. This task requires skills and experience. The same is true for translations. If one does not want to see one's original text completely distorted, the best thing is still to perform the translation at the source. This is why, when I follow up a strategy and a project requiring copy-writing and translation, I always propose to my clients to translate the texts (from German or English to French) or at least reread and rework them.

From Europe to China

We keep hearing talk about globalization. But we hear less about market culture, habits, media and adaptation to it. Launching a product or service on a market without knowledge of it is the best way to waste your money. Lots of companies dream of the endless potential of the Chinese market, but it is one of the most difficult to reach for European people. Because of the different language(s), culture, politic, economy, habits but also technology. 91,6% of the Europeans use google to search info on the web. But the Chinese have Baidu. The use of social networks in China is completely different as well. For all those reasons, it's completely impossible for European companies to commercialize their products or services in China without the help of a specialist in that market. However, Chinese people love Europe and it's products.